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October 20, 2014

They are all already booked!!! Thanks so much to everyone who snagged a spot. A reminder to those participating… the cost of the session is $300 plus tax. If you are bringing cash or paying by check please note that the total will be $324. Checks must be made out to “Stephanie Morvant.” If you would like to pay by credit card you can pay through paypal here:

Fall Mini Session 2014

***Since we live in south Louisiana and the mosquitoes are pretty bad out, I’m also going to also suggest bug spray!

Ahhhhh… vintage lace…

September 9, 2012

in the evening light. Be still my heart.

If you missed…

December 13, 2009

this year’s Christmas Mini Sessions… here are some of the highlights!!!  :)   thanks all!   I had a great time!

Mini Session Update!

October 28, 2009

Christmas mini sessions scheduled for November 7th… here is what I have…

10:00 “D” family

11:00 “P” family

1:00 “F” family … canceled

2:00 “F” family

3:00 “M” family

So I now have the 1:00pm time slot available… contact me if you are interested!


I’m considering dropping the October mini session date and just offering the November. If I get enough bookings I’ll keep them both… but I’d like to fill up the November date first. Turns out I have several families wanting full family sessions instead of mini sessions and if I drop one of the dates I could have another opening. I am also going to increase the # of proofs from the family session to 12 instead of 8-10. Please note that this does not mean I only take 12 pictures… I will take many. I will just narrow all the images down to the BEST 12 for proofing. If you are interested in scheduling I still have time slots available for November 7th.