| 9. 29. 2009 |

So I love taking pictures of young people around this age. I mean really… it seems like parents are all gung-ho about doing portraits of their kids when they’re little… but for some reason the 5-15 year olds just don’t get any camera love. LOL. Come on parents… these years are important too so let’s not forget our school-age, pre-teen, and teenage kids…. these are years to remember too! Anyhoo… this was a treat for me… colorful urban locale with really fun young subjects!

Oh… and by the way… doesn’t his ‘look’ just ROCK! LOVE the hat!!! If  you want to know how to make  your pictures extra special…  ACCESSORIZE  people!

Jocelyn Pagano: Wow! Love the colors and the hat is great.

Jennifer: Stephanie, your work just amazes me!