| 3. 11. 2010 |

to Janee Garber.

She rocks. Isn’t she stunning!!!

She’s my new esthetician and she can be found at the office of the most fabulous and highly recommend¬† Dr. Stephen Delatte, Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgeon.

You know… I spend so much time behind the camera (often crawling on the ground for the ‘perfect shot’) and then polishing and perfecting images of other people that I often forget about taking care of myself and my own skin. So I’m doing this for me… and once I’m done… I’m going to schedule a photo session of my own… for myself. I’m actually thinking of setting up some glamour night portrait parties… just for women. We will get all dressed up… get together… and take some fabulous glamourous photos to give to our husbands… and to feel great about ourselves. Anyone interested in this ladies ??? If you know a group of women that would be interested in this… leave me a blog comment!

Anyhoo… thanks again Janee!

Erin: You even prettier? Yeah, right! You're already perfect!

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