| 2. 8. 2012 |

I took these back in October… I finally got around to editing them. It’s unfortunate that I spend so much time shooting others and neglect to take pictures of my own children. I vow to do better this year. I did their yearly Valentines photos this week and will post them soon!

Mindy Wallace: Hey! My daughter's name is Ryleigh and we met on the cruise. I love the pictures you take! They are so awesome. I checked out the website when we got home and again today. Ryleigh was convinced that your daughter was in a photo for the Jungle Camp advertisement for the Zoo of Acadiana that we received in the mail today. I thought I would say hello!

admin: Hey girl! E-mail me so I can get in touch with you! My Ryleigh wants a playdate with your Ryleigh! stephanie_morvant@hotmail.com