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Stephanie Lynn Photographer offers portrait sessions for seniors, children, families, maternity, and newborn clients as well as headshots for professionals. ***I do not do event photography, weddings or large groups.***


Please provide 24 hours notice for cancellations. Your session can be rescheduled for another available date. Sometimes on-location sessions must be rescheduled due to weather. After 2 sessions are booked and cancelled at the last minute (for reasons other than the weather) then I will require a non-refundable payment of session fee up front in order to book a third session.


The session fee (due at or before the session) is to compensate for the photographer’s time and talent. The session fee can be paid with either cash or a check made out to “Stephanie Morvant.” The session fee can be redeemed and put towards the client’s collection purchase if order is placed within the allotted time (before the gallery expires). Prices are subject to change at any time. The client locks in to the current rate when the session is booked. There is a minimum order for each session equivalent to the cost of the smallest collection available. All full-session clients are expected to purchase a digital collection. The client is also responsible for the payment of any applicable location fees. These fees can run anywhere from $25-$100 depending on the location chosen. See PRICING page for details.


Sales at Stephanie Lynn Photographer are focused on the purchase of full-resolution digital images with print release. All clients are expected to purchase a digital collection. Upon purchasing a digital collection, the client will receive a CD with the photographer’s logo and a print release giving them the legal right to print the images wherever they choose. I recommend using www.mpix.com for high-quality prints. Please note that only fully-edited full-resolution .jpgs will be sold. I do not sell RAW files. No altering of the digital images is allowed. You may make prints of any size you want but be aware that not all images will crop well in every size. If you intend to purchase a canvas be aware that the edges of the image will be lost when wrapped around the wooden frame. Once digital images are delivered the client assumes all responsibilty for the cropping and printing. Use this opportunity to get creative with your images by printing a display for your wall or your own photobook. The possibilities are endless! 

For clients who would like to purchase specialty products in addition to their digital collection, here are some of the other products offered and their descriptions:

wood mount -prints mounted on wood and sprayed with a protective coating. These are ready-to-hang and do not require framing. They can be trimmed in white or black.

brag book -includes a print from every image in your gallery in a spiral- bound book.

storyboards -prints that contain more than one image.

rep cards / mommy cards -business-card sized press-printed cards intended for use as a contact card. They are double-sided and include a few images and your contact information (name, cell number, facebook url, etc).

canvases -Images on textured canvases stretched across and adhered to a wooden frame.

mini accordion books -wallet-sized mini books that are perfect for your pocket or purse. They have a magnetic closure and come in sets of three.

image box with prints  -a custom-designed keepsake box filled with 5×7 bordered prints, one for each image from your session. 

Other specialty items not listed may be available upon request. If there is something else you are interested in you may contact me for a quote.


Due to the cost of goods and time investment associated with custom cards, and the shift in focus to digital sales, I will no longer be offering them for purchase. Instead I can refer you to other companies (tinyprints.com, mpix.com) that offer quality cards with many attractive designs to choose from. However, if you are unable to find a design that fits your needs I will be offering a custom design service. I will design your card for print and you can print it yourself. The client desiring a custom design will e-mail me with picture and design preferences. I will create a custom design and a proof will be uploaded to the proofing gallery. The client will review the proof so they can approve the design and check for proper spelling of all names and text on the card. The client will be allowed 2 revisions with regards to the design (not including a fix for a spelling error). See shopping cart for cost of design services.


All proofing will be done via the online gallery. Orders must still be placed using the online shopping cart.


Your images will be available for viewing online within 3 weeks after your session. You will recieve an e-mail once your online gallery is up. You will have 2 weeks from the date the gallery goes up to make your order. After the 2-week period ends there will be a $30 charge to rehost your photos. If your gallery expires before you are able to place your order, you forfeit the option to redeem your session fee when making your purchase. Please make every effort to get your order in before the deadline.


Payment for session fee is due either before or on the date of the session. Payment for prints must be made as soon as possible after order is placed. Print orders will not be submitted to the professional photo lab until payment is collected. Payments can be made by check, cash, paypal, or by credit card through paypal. Sales tax will be charged on all prints and digital images. Checks should be made out to Stephanie Morvant.


Please store your printed portraits in a clean, dry, moderate temperature environment, away from dust. Keep your photographs out of direct sunlight, as sunlight will damage the image over time. If you choose to frame your portraits under glass, make sure to use a mat or spacers between the photograph and the glass, so that your portrait does not touch the glass, and there is space left for your photograph to ‘breathe’ between the photograph and the glass. If enough space is not left between the photograph and the glass, over time the photograph may become stuck to the glass and permanently damaged. If for some reason the prints you receive are damaged, you have 24 hours to notify me of the damage so they can be replaced. The damaged prints must be returned. Once the prints are in your possession, Stephanie Lynn Photographer is not responsible for any damages done to the prints.


Images from each session will be archived for a limited amount of time. At the end of each year, I will go through and purge files. If you decided several months after your session that you would like to order more prints, I will rehost your gallery (for a $30 fee) as long as I have the images still available. Once images are purged they are gone and will no longer be available for purchase. Stephanie Lynn Photographer does not promise to keep images indefinitely and is not responsible for the loss of images after the initial order is placed. It is highly recommended that you order everything you want at the time the initial order is placed. Clients are responsible for backing up any digital images that are purchased on their own.


Clothing is very important detail to consider when you are going to be photographed. Before booking a session with me, please read the guidelines below about how to plan your wardrobe:

Avoid wearing clothing with logos, characters, or writing on them. Limit your use of bold busy patterns, especially for photos of more than one person. If more than one person is going to be in the photo, coordinate your outfits so that everyone is wearing the same color palette. Wear clothing that enhances your figure. Choose colors that look particularly good on you (for instance, if green brings out your green eyes). I don’t discourage wearing white, but it IS definitely more difficult to photograph. Keep your wristwatches at home. Remember that some of these photos will likely be displayed around your home and on your walls. Perhaps you may want to plan your outfits so that they will look good with the decor of your living room.

I have a variety of newborn props and accesories available for clients to use. Feel free to also bring any special outfits, gowns, or bonnets that are sentimental to you. On a side note, newborn sessions should be done within the first 14 days of life when babies are still very small and sleepy.

Bright colors are always fun! Cute accessories like hats, scarves, tutus, pettiskirts, and funky shoes can add a touch of whimsy. When shooting just one child, it is less important to worry about avoiding busy patterns. However, when shooting two or more children, incorporating busy patterns can be a bit tricky. For instance for a photo of siblings together I recommend keeping it simple. Do NOT dress them exactly the same (as if they are wearing uniforms) but rather the same color palette. If one child has a patterned outfit with different colors, have the other child(ren) wear solids to match. Feel free to bring any props that are important to your little ones (a baby’s favorite bear, lovey etc.)

Bring 2-3 outfits and don’t forget to accessorize (hats, belts, jewelry, scarves, etc)! Choose clothing that reflects YOUR personality (casual, trendy, upscale, edgy, hippie). Feel free to bring formal clothing (ex. prom dress) for your shoot as well. Pay close attention to the details (like your fingernails) as well. Ladies, since we will likely shoot on location, bring comfortable shoes to walk from place to place in and save your fierce 3-inch heals just to wear just for the shots!

Expecting mothers:
Choose a wardrobe that will enhance the beauty of your growing belly. I recommend at least one button-down shirt for your bare belly to peek through. If you want to do shots wearing just a sports bra that is fine too. It’s just a matter of what YOU are comfortable with. For those who aren’t comfortable showing so much skin, perhaps a fitted top/tank/dress instead. For bottoms perhaps consider some cute unzipped jeans with your baby bump peeking out or some fitted yoga pants.

Colleen Augustine: Hi, I found your blog on another photographer's website. I live in Lake Charles and I love your work, so I was thinking about having some family portraits taken. Could you please send me a little info? Thanks, Colleen

Durinda Shaw: Your images are beautiful. You were recommended to me for logo design and branding. Are you still designing? Just let me know. Thanks very much, Durinda

Dana: Please contact me! im interested in pictures!

Shannon DeRouen: We would love to have some family pics done.

Tamara Savoy: Hello Stephanie! I am getting married next year and was wondering if you take bridal/wedding photos also. Thanks!

admin: Thanks for the inquiry Tamara but no I do not offer weddings. There are several fantastic wedding photographers in town though so best of luck!

CIciley Alexander: HI, My name is Ciciley Alexadner. My sister is Monet Alexander and you took her senior pictures years ago, with the abandoned car. I am a senior this year and I am interested in you doing my senior pictures. I just need to know when it is best to schedule them. Please contact me back whenever it is best for you. Thank you!

Jade: Im interested in pictures!..I need prices for my two kids together and separate photos ...I need them as soon as possible please let me know prices and if you have openings ...thanks :)

Chalanda Davis: Please contact me regarding family pics. Thank you

Amber: Hello I have been sending up emails and trying to contact you to have you take my family's pictures but no response back. Can you please contact me my email is amberlandreneau@yahoo.com I would love for you to take our pictures you have amazing work!

admin: e-mailed ya!

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