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Seriously… I’m just a down-home Cajun girl… mother of two… and a registered nurse when I’m not out shooting. I LOVE what I do… I’m passionate about it. Feel free to add me on Facebook if you want to. :)

Erica: im interested in doing some photos with my son how do i go about doing that i love your photos

Erin: Hi! I would love it if you could take pictures of my son. How could we make this happen?! Thank you foe your time.

Ashley Corby: Hi! love your work! I was wondering what camera you shoot with and the lenses that are your favorites? Thanks!! :-D

Kellsea Kidder: Hi, i am more than interested with doinh my senior pictures with you, your pictures are amazing!!!!

Anna Cefalu: I would love to book a session with you for NOvember for my first grandchild. Would love to hear back from you :)

Vicki Jay: Love your work..absolutely stunning!! What type of cloth are you wrapping your newborns in? We live in a very small town and have no fabric stores, so i always have to order from internet. Thks, Vicki @ Pix

christie clement diedrich: Well hello friend! I have been referring to your website for over a year now and just realized that I know you! Such a weird thing! I used to work with you at SWMC! I got married and moved to Thibodaux in 2006! I always LOVE your pictures and ideas for clothing! My little family is planning to take pics this fall and I'm already looking for outfit ideas! It has to be GREAT bc it will be a huge pic on my living room wall! Lol! Anyway, I'll continue to look on your site for ideas! Glad I found you! Good luck with photography in future! Christie Diedrich

Donna (2kasey from ILP): Girl it has been way too long since I have seen you and your work and it is breath taking!!!! WOW!!! I hope to chat with you soon because I need some pictures taken. I hope you remember me from ILP as 2kasey... you and I met a time for two to play with our cameras... Well I would really like to hear from you.

yaima fernandez: Hello!!!. I really like your photos. How can i get in touch with u?

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