| 5. 8. 2009 |

Yes… I realize I have several e-mails in my inbox that I need to reply to … if you have contacted me this week and not gotten a response yet… I’m so so sorry. I promise when I get a chance I will get back to everyone.

So I said when I started this business that it was going to be part time and that I’d only be doing one shoot per week. Well I’ve taken on a LOT more sessions than I said I would so right now I’m a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. I’m going to go back to booking fewer sessions for my own sanity. Being a full-time mom, part-time nurse, part-time photographer, and part-time graphic designer doesn’t leave much time for anything else. I have been staying up to the wee hours of the early AM to try and catch up… but I still never seem to catch up!!!  I am tired of neglecting my family, I’m tired of neglecting myself, and most of all… I’m just tired. LOL Perhaps I need a class on time management… or maybe I need an assistant….  take that back… what I REALLY need is a vacation!!

Anyhoo… I have noticed some people wanting to book really early for Christmas… smart move. I will likely be doing Mother’s Day Out pictures again in September… then October and November will be reserved for those who want kid/family pictures and custom Christmas cards. I have especially enjoyed doing senior sessions this year and look forward to seeing some 2010 seniors in the upcoming months… book early if you can! The prom shoot (see previous post) was a neat experience and I am considering doing some prom mini sessions next year if I can work it out.

Well… because I can’t make a post and not put up a picture… here is a Rhett collage! I must say he is getting better and better at cooperating for the camera. If you are wondering what he is doing in that middle one.. he is praying. I kept saying, “Look up at me… look at me…” and he replied, “Not right now… I’m praying to Jesus….” that just warms my heart…