| 10. 4. 2013 |

Well I’ve been wanting to offer mini sessions again for quite some time but it just has never worked out for me. This year I’m ready to give them a go again. Here are the details…

These sessions are scheduled for the first weekend in November and I plan to do 3 sessions per day on the Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. That’s 9 spots total. If you are looking for just a few nice shots of your family and a beautiful card to send to your loved ones… this is for you! If you are interested please fill out THIS FORM. You must verify that you agree with the terms and conditions posted below.

A few terms/conditions for these sessions:

#1 Single families only. This is not for extended families. If parents decide they want images of just their children and choose not to include themselves… that’s fine.

#2 You are NOT required to wear traditional holiday colors. Choose whatever color palate you’d like but try your best to have everyone’s clothing coordinated. FYI… some of the card templates available in the gallery have the option to adjust the colors in the design to match your clothing. I’m planning to stage the garden area with a variety of colors!

#3 ARRIVE BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED TIME! The sessions are scheduled every 30 min so there isn’t much wiggle room. You will have exactly 25 min for your session. It would be unfair to require the family scheduled after you to wait so limits must be set. If you are 10 min late for your session, you will only have 15 min left for shooting.

#4 If the weather does not cooperate, the sessions for that day will be rescheduled. I will try my best to work with everyone to make that happen.

#5 You can choose what types of images we aim for at the session. I generally try to get at least one traditional family shot and one good individual shot of each child. If you are interested in having more options that include the whole family, we will not attempt individual shots. We can do more posed images, more candid images, or a combination of both. Think about it. Have an idea of what you want!

#6 If you have any particular requests (ex: a prop you’d like used) let me know ahead of time.

#7 Payment for the session will be as follows:

$100 the day of the session (check or cash) and the remaining $200 through the online shopping cart when you view your gallery and make your selections.

#8 If, after seeing all the images, you decide you’d like to purchase the entire gallery, there will be an option for that.

#9 Space is limited so contact me if you are interested in reserving a spot. You can reach me by email= stephanie_morvant@hotmail.com or through a FB message.

#10 To officially book your session you must fill out this form. You must agree to the above terms and conditions.